Regarding directory entries for schools and police agencies etc

What’s the deal with all the police department listings in the database? This is for businesses, right?

We have been adding some listings to the database of late that are not necessarily businesses in the housing industry, but who serve homeowners nevertheless, and who we think are a vital part of our resource for homeowners.
The mission of 518yellow is to provide a place that will serve the needs of home owners and prospective homeowners in our region. That said, people think of security when shopping for a home, they think of schools, charitable organizations, much more.

So if you find yourself wondering why we have a listing for the Police Athletic League, A Police Department, or an Exlplorers Post in our database, that’s why.
Our calculus for entry is simply this, if a person buying a home in our area may find themselves in need of more information on it, we want to have it here.
Thanks for using

— 518yellow Editorial Staff.

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