518yellow.com is a place to get information on businesses in the housing industry and that serve homeowners in the 518 area code of upstate ny.


Here’s how it works…


ANYONE may post a business listing if it does not exist.

ANYONE may comment on a business by leaving a star rating and/or a review of the business.

ANYONE may list or review an event.

Events may include open houses, sales, special merchant events, educational or public events, garage sales, auctions, much more.


There is no charge for entering a business listing or making a review.

There is no charge for entering an event of any kind


We have listings for events, businesses, professionals, services, products, more.


A business owner may “claim” an existing listing if they wish to get some expanded features.
Claimed/Featured listings show up first in a search.
Claimed/Featured listings get unlimited pictures and video attachments.
Claimed/Featured listings may exist in multiple categories
Claimed/Featured listings get double the character limit for tags (200 characters)
Claimed/Featured listings do not have “related listings” displayed under them when someone is looking at your detail page.


If you have had an experience with a business or product in our directory, please do the owners and our readers the service of leaving a review.

The more feedback we have on every entry, the more valuable this resource is for shoppers and home owners trying to make educated purchase decisions.


518yellow, also allows users who create accounts to track their reviews and replies and a host of other features at no charge. We have a social infrastructure so users can “friend” other users, send private messages, and create user groups.

If you have any questions or would like our assistance creating or editing a listing, please contact us at 518yellow@gmail.com


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